What To Expect

  • Our worship celebration starts at 5pm on Saturday nights and 10:30am on Sunday mornings. The atmosphere and dress are casual, come as you are.
  • Anyone and everyone is welcome, we love guests!! People come from various church backgrounds or no church background
  • A team usually leads us in passionate worship to start off our evening or morning together. We have a strong worship band with great contemporary songs, join in singing if you wish
  • Hear a life related message based on the Bible; we will be challenged and encouraged
  • Giving is part of our worship – but guests are not expected to give.
  • Relax! A comfortable nursery welcomes restless babies and toddlers
  • Children love our age-graded program; K to 12 runs parallel to both of our services
  • NEXTGEN is a unique service designed for junior and senior high, as well as young adults that runs parallel to the Saturday evening service in the youth room (Room 105 across main sanctuary)
  • Worship services run for about 90 minutes; lots of people hang around and chat for a while over coffee and tea. Go ahead, make yourself at home!